< Back Haldex Control Module TrCM Park/Shunt Integrated Emergency Valve

Haldex Trailer Control Module Fitted To Fruehauf Trailers from 2005 Onwards with Haldex EB+ Systems. This valve also act's as the Park & Shunt Valve on the side of the trailer chassis
TrCM pressure protection valve: c/w; label:
Port 1: M22x1.5; port 1-2: M16x1.5; port 4: M16x1.5
Haldex Trailer Control Module parking and release valve with integrated emergency brake valve for the service brake system, as well as a pressure protection valve for auxiliary devices (e.g. air suspension) for twin-line air brake equipment in towed vehicles. The TrCM has a fl ange-fi tted release valve and a parking valve for the service brake and the spring brake. In particular, the Trailer Control Module
satisfies the requirements of EEC Braking Systems Directive 71/320 and ECE
Regulation R 13. Pressure protection valve: c/w; label: M16x1.5 ports
OE Parts number 352 067 001